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Due to the continued increase in Live Lobster cost and the lack of fishing. We have temporarily postponed the production of the following items. 


We are anticipating the Lobster market to easy up a little as the weather allows fishing to resume.

Fresh picked Lobster Meat will be available, please call to reserve.  

Soft Shell Steamer Clams – Cape Cod, Essex, Ipswich, Maine, Canada. 
Also known as “Steamers” or “Pissah's.” The best way to serve these tender and sweet clams is steamed with melted butter to dip, perfect for a New England traditional clambake.

Littlenecks, Cherrystones, Chowders, Steamers, Oysters & Mussels

Another tasty treat from Salt Water Farms!  Salt Water Farms is a carefully sighted shellfish farm, producing a sustainable crop in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay.  This site is located in deep water (up to 50ft) where strong tides wash billions of microscopic plankton over long-line suspended oyster cages.  Well established as the grower of Quonset Point and Beavertail Oysters®, Salt Water Farms will seasonally harvest another savory brand of oysters.  Umami literally means “taste sensation” and though the term umami is used frequently in East Asia, the Western World usually refers to this sensation as either “savory” or “meaty.”  This cocktail grade oyster usually stops its growth cycle at or fewer than three inches in size but produces a lovely sensation for your taste buds. 




All of our Hard Shell Clams are from the clear clean waters of Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut.
Soft Shell Clams (aka Steamers) are from the beautiful waters of Maine and Rhode Island.

We have a large selection of Oysters to choose from, which include;
Wellfleets, Duxberry, Prince Edward Island, CT Blue Points and more.

Mussels - Wild Mussels from Cape Cod and Maine, cultivated mussels from Prince Edward Island. 


Storage temperatures for shellfish generally shouldn't exceed 40°F.  
Maintaining a temperature  of 40°F or lower may extend the shelf life of shucked shellfish, but do not FREEZE.
Keep live shellfish on the lower shelves of your refrigerator, below cooked or other ready-to-eat foods.
 Raw shellfish should not come in contact with cooked shellfish.
Store live clams, oysters and mussels in the  refrigerator in containers covered with damp towels or paper towels. Never place them in airtight containers or in fresh water.  (They are saltwater creatures.) Either environment will kill  them. For optimal quality, live shellfish should be stored at a temperature of  37°F. 


Tony and Son’s Seafood is a Connecticut Licensed Shellfish Dealer. 

We proudly supply the greater Litchfield, Hartford and New Haven Counties with the best top quality Shellfish at competitive prices.

If you are planning a Clam Bake, or a family party, we are your source for the freshest full meat Littleneck, Cherrystone, or Steamer Clams available.  We personally select shellfish from Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut and the pure waters of Maine.  These are loaded into our own FDA certified refrigerated trucks and delivered to our storage facility. 

Currently we provide clams to many Fire Departments and Community Clubs for their Clam Bakes and local activities.  With the changing times and concerns regarding the stability of quality shellfish, we only provide certified shellfish from areas controlled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  This will ensure that the product used for your function will be safe for consumption.  Don’t risk Quality for price. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information and current pricing, we offer group discounts and delivery service.   

Fryers or "Whole Belly Clams" are the shucked meat from steamer clams. As the name implies, they are deep fried and usually served with tartar sauce along with French fries. They are a true summer tradition!

Cherrystones – Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Canada: 2” – 2.5” Width Across; 1.25” – 1.75” Hinge slightly larger than Little Necks, Cherrystones are a tender and sweet hard shell clam. They are ideal for steaming, stuffing, as a base for sauce, baked, grilled, or just raw on the half shell.

MALPEQUE OYSTER – Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada
This is one of the most famous northern Atlantic cold water oysters available today.  Although the name is often plagiarized, it has a history as big as its fan club.  The oysters can be farmed or wild and fall under two primary categories of Standard or Choice grade.  Within these categories, the oysters can run small, medium or large.  Naturally growing Standard grade Malpeques have a curvaceous flaked shell that is hardened from growing untamed in the natural elements.  Choice grades are often farmed and chipped throughout their growth cycle creating a quintessential teardrop shaped shell.  Although the flavor across the grades remains the same, shucking and plate presentation of the oysters is much better in the Choice shell stock.  Culled from the glacial depths of Malpeque Bay, this oyster will bring a taste of the Maritime Provinces to you.  Availability is typically strong from Spring until early Winter or until the thickest of ice flows consume the Bay. 

Little Necks (Count Necks) – Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Canada: 1” – 2” Width Across; 1” – 1.25” Hinge Size has nothing to do with taste when it comes to these clams. Their meats have a wonderful texture packed with a sweet, buttery flavor. Best served on the half shell, grilled or steamed and are ideal for clam sauces. 

Quahogs – Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Canada: 3.5”+ Width Across; 2”+ Hinge 
Quahogs have large meats that are full of flavor. They are best known as a “chowder clam” but are also an excellent choice to use in clam cakes, stuffed clams, and clam sauce.

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Wild Mussels, Grown naturally in the icy waters of the Atlantic,  A New England favorite and often used in traditional clambakes. They have a unique, sweet taste and supple meats. Always in season, available year round.

Warning: There is a risk associated with consuming Raw Seafood. If you have a Chronic Illness of the liver, stomach, blood or have an immune disorder, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw shellfish and should eat shellfish fully cooked.  If unsure of your risk, consult a physician.

CONNECTICUT BLUEPOINT OYSTER - Long Island Sound, CT, USA These are the “real deal” Bluepoints from specific areas in Long Island Sound where they have been harvested from natural oyster beds for hundreds of years.  The oysters are farmed and cultivated in a wild environment without cages or traps.  A nearly perfect partnership between a farmer and Mother Nature allows this oyster to proliferate and develop into one of the oceans most satisfying treats.  Started as small seed the juveniles are relayed and planted to grow out in groomed areas where they develop into 3 to 4 inch large choice oysters.  They are chock full of mildly salty, mouthwatering meats that are enjoyed by the masses.  It is one of the most recognized oysters in the US markets and beyond.  Available year round, weather depending.

BEAVER TAILS OYSTERS® - East Passage, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Beavertail Oysters® are grown from planted seed at Salt Water Farms in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.    Held in suspended trays as deep as 20-40ft below the surface, Beavertail Oysters® offer the true taste of open ocean water that pushes its way up into glacially cut passages of Narragansett Bay. Beavertail Oysters® are cleaned, graded and replanted several times during their grow-out cycle. Click on the “Sustainable” link on our website to view pictures of this unique and ecologically sensitive farm practice. Beavertail Oysters® will reflect their name by a range in size and shape characteristic of a Beaver’s tail.  
Available year round.
(All Oyster Pictures and descriptions, courtesy of American Mussel Harvesters)

Premium P.E.I. mussels are a Harvested from the clean, cold waters of Prince Edward Island, Canada; they are “rope grown” in mesh stockings that are suspended from long lines. These beautiful, hand selected mussels are tender and sweet. They have a uniform look, appealing color, high meat yield, and require little prep work. Always in season, available year round.